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Scorpio vs Taurus Compatibility Raising Girls

My experience with raising girls has been interesting, emotional and a little exhausting. Scorpio vs Taurus. In our family dynamic, it is Scorpio mother vs Taurus daughter. That is one Scorpio mom up against three Taurus daughters.

Our similarities are many. As children and teenagers, my daughters kept me on my toes. It was a psychological quest between the four of us. We had similar personality traits. Strong-willed, stubborn, feisty and downright bitches if the need be.

Of course, these are great traits to have as adults, which we all have. However, there were years of constant battles to gain the position of top dog in our home. My eldest daughter and I were in a constant battle to gain supremacy. Quite often butting heads as a result. I never relented the position, not in my home. I paid the bills so only fair I made the rules and created the boundaries.

Now, as an adult my eldest daughter has a busy career and her own home and family. She is now top dog should I visit. And she doesn’t allow me to forget it, and fair enough I say.

Love and Fear

Gazing into the eyes of your tiny baby girl after returning home from the hospital. The feelings and emotions flow. Love, of course, is the most obvious feeling. Usually, it cannot be avoided. The other is fear. At least that was the feeling I had. Having no idea what to do with this tiny human being. But knowing she relied on me one hundred percent. For everything. If that’s not scary I don’t know what is.

Pre Pregnancy

Upon deciding to take on the biggest challenge of my life at 27 years of age. I spoke out loud to the universe. Asking for a girl, with blue eyes and blonde hair. Adamant she be a Taurus. Because as a teenager my best friend was a Taurus and we had a great friendship. So I believed if I had a Taurus girl I would also have a great friend.

There, the total extent of my research pre-pregnancy. What else was there to consider? Twenty-eight years and nine months ago pre-pregnancy research was non-existent. Oh! It was important to have a full medical check. Just to be certain a mother was healthy herself. Before incubation began at least. Because my mom had an iron deficiency with her first pregnancy and was not aware of it. Resulting in a baby born with Hydrocephalus (fluid on the brain).

You see, in the very early sixties, Hydrocephalus was not common and there was no cure. There was not a lot medically known about it in those days. This made me very aware of the importance of being healthy at conception and during pregnancy. Having grown up with the knowledge I would have had an older brother if he had not been born under the circumstances he was.

So I had all the tests as a precaution before each pregnancy. And got the all clear from the doctor to go ahead with conception. It sounds clinical but worth it, especially if there are any obvious problems through families generations.

Taurus or Not Taurus

After discovering I was pregnant and the date the baby was due I came to realize I wasn’t going to be blessed with a Taurus. As the days went by and we came closer to full term. I needed to learn the sex of the baby, which I did, and kept a secret. Only because I was hoping for a girl, and if it wasn’t to be I would have time to accept I was having a boy.

The universe had honored my wish. I was to give birth to a baby girl. Which was somewhat of a relief for me. Because I had my heart set on a girl.

The Arrival

The days passed and I went about life. One day, close to my due date, I became a little annoyed at the state of our garden. After all, I was nesting and the garden was included in my nest. So I got out the lawn mower. I was pulling on the starter rope, and it wouldn’t start. So I got more and more aggressive with each pull until I finally gave up and walked away. After kicking the lawn mower, of course.

Around 2 am I was woken by the feeling of having wet the bed. My waters had broken and we were off to the hospital. Excitement coupled with fear was my feeling during the car ride. This became regret as soon as those contractions started. I was in labor for six hours and had chosen not to have an epidural during birth. Only because in the early nineties epidurals were very new to the experience of childbirth. Very few chose the option in those days. The risks were discussed more than the benefits.

My first baby girl was born mid-May. Three weeks premature. So I had been blessed with my Taurus girl after all. The universe had come through for me on all counts so far. And as she grew so did her beautiful blonde hair. And yes, her eyes were blue. I was totally winning on the universe manifesting my dreams.

Raising Taurus Girls x Three

Within four years I had been blessed with two more Taurus girls. The younger two were only twelve months apart. A real test of the Scorpio vs Taurus relationship. Not from planning. The youngest was a bit of a surprise since we had planned on two children. Although she was a good surprise after the shock had subsided.
It wasn’t until much later that I realized I had not specified the exact number of Taurus girls I had wanted. Apparently when you are manifesting you really need to be specific.
Or, I guess I was meant to have three blonde Taurus girls. So does that mean three great friends? Stayed tuned for the answer.

Compatibility of the Signs

I really should have researched the compatibility of a Taurus daughter with a Scorpio mother. Because I may have kept my legs closed for another two months if I had. Of course, I had no idea of the depth of our similarities until the years passed. Until personalities started to become entrenched. We were all in for the ride of our lives. And what a ride it has been.

Taurus Birth Order

The firstborn Taurus and I were constantly competing for superiority. Well actually, she was competing. I was not relenting that position. After all, I was the parent, there was no competition from my perspective. We were both stubborn, and we were both strong-willed. Resulting in us continuously butting heads.

My second born Taurus girl was also strong-willed and stubborn however, she was also observant. Choosing to stand back and let big sister do all the work. After all, she could see her sister was fighting a losing battle. So not worth the effort from her perspective. She had far better things to do with her time.

Then, along came Taurus daughter number three. This was one laid back, chilled child. Quite the opposite of her mother. This was a different experience of Scorpio vs Taurus. Although strong-willed and stubborn as her siblings were, she simply could not be bothered, even observing was too strenuous for her. She was a ball of energy with a care factor of zero. Adults loved this child they were drawn to her energy. As was her Scorpio mother, sometimes. I had to reign in her energy ball when necessary. But she taught this organized structured Scorpio mother a few things over the years. That’s for sure. I really wish I had learned the concept of chilling from her. That would have been so helpful for navigating the years ahead.

Boundaries and Structure Scorpio vs Taurus

In my experience Taurus girls thrive within the parameters of structure and boundaries, it helps them feel safe and secure. And I was all about boundaries and structure being a Scorpio. They are strong-willed enough to want to fight for supremacy. Yet they feel safe with the parent who enforces boundaries and follows a solid structure. They need to feel safe it is paramount to their personality. Although they are not consciously aware of this. But Mom was.

The eldest daughter is three years older than her next sibling, and four years older than her youngest sibling. She had cemented the superiority role of the relationship with her sisters. At young ages, they were happy to let their older sister reign supreme. After all, she helped them through a lot of their learning experiences. And she was a very good teacher. They responded to her very positively. She was patient because she loved to show them how to do things. A born teacher with the perfect pupils. The perfect combination. Resulting in mom having to do a lot less raising. The ideal situation for mom. Win, win.

Taurus Make Great Teachers

My eldest daughter grew up with the belief I made her raise her two younger siblings. This was certainly not the case. She needed to lead and teach so I allowed her to lead and teach her sisters. And she was an amazing teacher who thrived on the responsibility, a born mother.

This mom was quite happy to allow the eldest daughter to ‘train’ her siblings. After all, she was doing it with supervision. And I had been her trainer/teacher and I was always close by with a watchful eye, and open ears. Ready to step in and take the reigns. I had no doubt in the competence of my first born she was a born leader. And her younger sisters were happy to follow, for the most part. At least to a certain age. There came a time where they decided it wasn’t what they wanted and that is perfectly acceptable. These are the times I stepped into mom mode.

Three Taurus Girls Three Relationships

I had three Taurus girls and they had many similarities they also had differences. Resulting in three individual relationships in the Scorpio vs Taurus mother-daughter dynamics. My role as a mom had three unique perspectives. I raised three Taurus girls individually. I Never treated them the same because they were all very different. Noticeably different. Probably because of their birth position in the family dynamic.

The eldest daughter received one hundred percent of my time. Learning from me so she could help teach her siblings. This is how the hierarchy works. And each of us unconsciously knows our position. Because it’s natural therefore acceptable. The eldest seems to mature quickly because they have one on one time with parents. Time their siblings never experience. The eldest spends the most time in the company of adults, therefore they experience more maturity. Resulting in learning maturely. Siblings that follow learn from adults and older siblings. Therefore learn at a different level of understanding. A blending of adult and child experiences. Making them a little more chilled than the eldest child. And the more siblings the more chilled each one is. This was my experience at least.

The Eldest Child

I considered my first child the prototype. As new parents, we were learning and teaching. More learning in the first few months than teaching. Our daughter presented us with a variety of experiences. Some challenging and some just enjoyable. We learned to deal with whatever presented. Colds, ear infections, rashes just to name a few. Moming is day by day learning. And with the eldest, I found it the most daunting because it was all new. In the Scorpio vs Taurus scenario, it all ran pretty smoothly really because a Scorpio mom will usually find a solution. And a Taurus child will feel secure as a result.

My daughter and I had three years of one on one before the second daughter arrived. I was a work from home mom. We had our own trucking business and I was the accountant and manager. This meant my eldest and I were together most days all day. Plenty of time to learn and teach.

I was also learning. I had to be prepared for the next child. My daughter taught me a lot. How to care for a child, feed a child, nurse a sick child just to name a few. I am grateful for such a good teacher. We both utilized the three years we had well. Both learning and teaching each other.

Scorpio vs Taurus a Strong Bond

The three of them were my life. And of course, they still are. The Scorpio mother is ferociously protective of her children. Momming is a very serious and important role to a Scorpio mother. Like a wolf protecting her cubs.
And God forbid anyone tries to come between a Scorpio mother and her Taurus daughters.
In our family, some have tried and although they may have had success it was short-lived.

The End Result

The years seemed to drag. The Scorpio Mom and Taurus daughters had some epic experiences as each daughter came along. And through the years that have followed.

We survived a separation and divorce. They had to navigate between their mother and father who, unfortunately, was never able to be amicable. We had to navigate the survival of the trauma of child sexual abuse with a grandparent. This is ongoing as trauma such as this always is. They are strong and forthright and have navigated through this in their own ways.

I am proud to say after all of the ups and downs, the good times and the bad. The epic experiences have produced three strong, confident, goal-oriented, respectful, caring, courageous, kindhearted, moralistic, generous, creative, supportive and awesome young women.

Scorpio vs Taurus is certainly an interesting combination. Our experiences together will differ from other families of course but at the end of the day we all may end up with the same result. A bond that strengthens as the years’ pass. Where there are constant ups and downs as each new life experience presents. It’s called growing and aging. But we all find a way to work out our differences and move forward. There are times we drift apart but we always find a way to mend our rifts to enable us to move on to the next chapter.

Oh! I am happy to say I honestly do have three great friends, who are loyal and protective, sincere and trustworthy. In fact, all the qualities of true friendship. From my perspective.

Scorpio vs Taurus

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