Have you ever wondered what numerology is?
Interested in discovering and understanding the origin of your personality? Want to learn the origin of your personality traits and characteristics? Wondered how easy it is to calculate your personal numbers?

Spiritual Awareness

Throughout fifty-five years, by researching. I have discovered insight into different aspects of my spiritual self-awareness. Also realizing humans are a complex species. As a result, our individuality and uniqueness are derived from many sources. Numerology, astrology, tarot is a few examples of research topics I have explored over the years. However, my beliefs are much wider.

Having a partner of Irish descent whose Celtic heritage is a huge part of his identity. And his life. Inspired me to research and educate myself. Because he is so spiritual. His Celtic beliefs and traditions are empowering and urge me to explore further.

A saying his mom would repeat to help him understand living a spiritual life, as a Celt, while living his human life.
“Our human side is governed by our logic mind, or, ‘now’ head. Our ‘now’ head ensures we get to work on time with our pants on.”
Reminding him spirituality is purer and less complex than logic.

I have had invaluable support through my journey to attain spiritual awareness. My partner is an amazing human and his spiritual beliefs compliment mine. Making the journey easier. He has been a huge influence on my personal journey toward finding my purpose in life.

The Significance of Numbers

So after much research, I have come to believe. Numerology is specific to each of us individually. And has a powerful influence on many aspects of our life. For instance, the direction we choose to take in our career or job, and our personality and its strengths and weaknesses. A couple of areas determined by our personal and unique numbers. Derived from our date of birth, the personality number, and our birth name, the life path number.

Upon calculating your numbers. You will be surprised and intrigued. At discovering how closely the characteristics and attributes match your personality and the direction of your life. I became a true believer in the accuracy and power of numerology. Because it can be referenced to guide our lives moving forward and help us to understand our past experiences.

Calculate Your Numerology Life Path Number

A life path number is calculated by adding together the numbers of your birth date. Equating to either a single digit or a master number.
Use the birthdate on your birth certificate.
Example: Date of birth 21 November 1975
Day: 21 = 2 + 1 = 3
Month: November is the 11th month = 1 + 1 = 2
Year: 1975 1 + 9 + 7 + 5 = 4
Life Path Number is the day + month + year added together
3 + 2 + 4 = 9
The final number indicates the direction you may take in your life path, for instance, the career or jobs you gravitate toward. And will also identify our skills and attributes in these areas, among other things.

Calculate Your Numerology Personality Number

Personality Numbers are calculated from your full birth name. Recorded on your birth certificate. Names are letters in most cases. Each letter of the alphabet has a numerical value. Using numbers one to nine. By accessing a numerology letters chart. Find the number value of each letter of our full name. Then calculate our personality number. Adding all of the numbers until the final number is a single digit. The character traits and attributes of the number will introduce both negative and positive descriptions of our personality. Most importantly you will be fascinated by the accuracy of the information you discover. When reading the attributes of the numbers. I know I was.

Master Numbers

The three master numbers are themselves a number. They are eleven, twenty-two and thirty-three. A Master number is a power number in numerology. Moreover, a master number offers its recipient more power and potential. However when reduced (11=2, 22=4, 33=6) your number has the traits and attributes of the single with double the intensity, hence more power, and potential.

Find Your Way

Because Numerology is quite in-depth. If you are looking for some serious direction and guidance in your life. Have a personal chart done. They are informative so you are able to refer to it as you move forward.

For those who find numerology intriguing. Although only dabbling research numerology websites. The popular and reputable sites are interesting and informative. You will discover there are other aspects of numerology you may also find interesting to look at as you research. Numbers such as your destiny number, love number, and compatibility number. Also makeup different aspects of your personality.

Hopefully, you will find numerology interesting and awakening. Enjoy!

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