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To complete this Thirty-Day Challenge simply make a commitment to complete each of the following one per day from one to thirty in numerical sequence.

These Are A Few Of My Favorite Things

  1. Say one thing that you are thinking out loud to another human just to see their reaction when they hear it.

2. Look into your bathroom mirror and say out loud to your reflection.
“You are f*cking awesome.”

3. Light a candle and watch the flame for 10 minutes and experience
meditation and inner peace.

4. Give 5 minutes of uninterrupted thought to all the people who make
you smile and appreciate their presence in your life.

5. Mindfully appreciate a stranger you come in contact with today
who has a job you know you would dislike if you had to do it
daily to survive.

6. TxT the first person you think of today who made you smile.
“Just thinking of you.” Insert a smiley face emoji.

7. Give a co-worker a compliment out loud that you often think but never
say and note their reaction.

Good Job! One Week Done Are You Having Fun?

8. After nightfall walk outside and look up and be in awe of our planets
amazing blanket. So beautiful.

9. Today be sure to thank someone who teaches you something you
didn’t already know but helped you in some way.

10. Stand naked in front of your mirror and look at your reflection and if
you smile and feel truly happy don’t change a thing.

11. Think of a song that makes you feel happy and a song that makes you
feel sad. Which song would you choose to listen to today?

12. Sit down and really enjoy a moment with whoever is with you this
evening and enjoy their company and being in the moment.

13. Write a note of appreciation to someone you know and admire and
take note of how you feel at that moment.

14. Wash your dishes in the kitchen sink or a bucket and only concentrate
on the task of washing the dishes and experience mindfulness.

Well Done! Completed Week Two Keep Pushing Thru!

15. Hug someone who is close to you with meaning and remember what
you are feeling at that very moment.

16. Go outside and skip up and down your driveway or the path in front
of your home and reconnect with your inner child.

17. Greet a passing stranger with a smile and “hello” while out and about

18. While walking somewhere today stop and do two star jumps then
continue walking and wonder if someone saw you. Does the thought
make you smile?

19. Write a list of items you would love to have in your home then put the
list in a safe place and look at it again after a couple of years.

20. Cut out a picture of something you desire owning and stick it onto
your bathroom mirror. Be sure you look at it each time you are
brushing your teeth and at the same time imagine it being yours.

21. When retiring for the night lay on your back in bed and silently
say goodnight to all of your body parts one by one from toe to head.

You Are A Winner! Third Week Complete Life Is Sweet!

22. Think of a movie you watched a while ago which inspired you and
make time to watch it again as soon as you are able.

23. Write down on a piece of paper ten positive affirmations that are
unique to your life. Each night before you retire to bed read them
aloud for ten consecutive days.

24. At shower time turn on the water to a temperature as hot as you are
comfortable standing in and immerse yourself completely. Stand
under the water as long as possible and feel the water running down
your body. Do not think of anything other than the feeling of the hot
water running over your body.

25. Stop at some point during your day and focus entirely on nature for
five minutes. Be it a bee buzzing around, the smell of a flower or the
magnificence of a tree. Be amazed by mother nature after all it is free.

26. Find time at home today to do a backwards handstand against a wall
and enjoy a childhood moment.

27. If you happen to be feeling a strong emotion ask the universe for
something you desire to have in your life describing it in detail.

28. Using numerology work out your life path number and then research
the meaning of your number via a reputable numerology site. You are
sure to agree with 90% of what you will read.

29. Ask yourself if you are truly happy at this very moment in your life. If
your answer is ‘no’ then commit to making a list of the changes you
could make to change your answer to ‘yes’.

30. Sit yourself down and write a thirty-day challenge unique to your
personal circumstances and commit to starting it tomorrow.

You Are Amazing! You Have Successfully Completed The
Whole Thirty Days. Have You Changed In Any Way?

Your Personal Thirty-Day Challenge

Maybe you have a goal you would really love to attain to be truly happy with your life. Create your personal thirty-day challenge at day thirty with this goal in mind by comprising a list from one to thirty which you can follow each day.
One small goal to complete each day which focusses on your ultimate end goal.

For instance, you may have a body image goal you would love to attain so on your first day you may take time to decide how you would like to begin.
Then on day two, you may choose a gym to attend or an app to use to reach your goal. Day three may have you purchasing a pair of joggers and the list continues until you have thirty daily challenges you will complete to get you a step closer to your goal.
You may have a nutrition goal or a career goal whatever your goal is a thirty-day challenge will bring you closer to your goal one day at a time.

There is no need to share your challenge with anyone else because it is your goal and your dream. Just commit to starting and finishing it without any outside influences and therefore no pressure on you.

Sixty days of one day challenges will bring about changes in your life that others will notice and then you can share your secret.

Give it a go, after all, you have nothing to lose and so much to gain.

Wishing you the very best of luck!

Thirty Day Challenge
Thirty Day Challenge


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