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Hi, I’m Kezza!

Friends and family call me Kezza!

We write blogs to connect and share our experiences. Yes!
Finally, we found a way to communicate with each other on a personal level across this vast world. Yay, how exciting!

With every blog I have read I have learned a little more to enhance my knowledge and therefore my life. All from the comfort of my home.
Being able to write and read about our experiences and as a result, share valuable lessons and information with complete strangers.
What a wonderful way to learn!

Have you ever asked yourself questions like:
“I wonder what it’s like to…?”
“What would happen if…?”
“I wonder how people…?”
“Why do people…?”
“How do I find out…?”

Blogs enable us to learn the answers to these questions and more because someone in the world has had the experience and the courage to share it with us, with the rest of the world.
Bravo to you!

Knowledge empowers us, and you can never have too much. Contrary to belief, you never stop learning. Hence the expression ‘With age comes wisdom.’
Learning is growth. Blogs enable us to share each other’s stories and experiences and as a result, learn something new. Do you agree?

Why Just Kezza?

Now in my fifth decade and after experiencing and learning quite a bit through the years, I thought why not write a blog!

Entitled ‘justkezza’ it is simply stories of experiences of my life. Having learned a great deal from the experiences I believe writing them may help just one other person. Who knows!
Maybe one sentence, one paragraph one page or one story may enhance one other person’s life. A question may be answered or an option may be presented to a current life experience they are encountering and unsure about.
After all, we are constantly searching for answers and options.
That is the human in us. Right!

Story of my Life

A mother of three girls, actually, they are young women now, and grandmother of two precious little boys.
Partnered for the past twenty years with my soul mate. Meeting in our mid-thirties. We have no children together however between us we have eight, with only five in our immediate lives.

Life has been anything but boring, really!
Having had a diverse range of jobs. Beginning in retail in my late teens and again, now, in present time. Grocery stores, International airport duty-free and hardware were my experiences.
There have been business management jobs, mostly managing our own businesses which included a trucking business and a home handyman business. One with my ex-husband and the latter with my longtime life partner.
Managing a residential caravan park. Now, that was an experience! But a good one.

Volunteering through the years was also a great learning experience. Mentoring teenagers at a local high school. Also supporting members of the local community while volunteering at a financial counseling not-for-profit organization.

Education was minimal for me. However, I did study in my early thirties to gain a Diploma in Professional Counseling and enhanced my life and those in it with the knowledge I gained. So grateful!


Without a doubt, the most important of all my jobs have been parenting. It is rewarding and enlightening.
Responsibility for the health, well-being, and decisions of human beings is a tremendous honor. I did not take this responsibility lightly.
Even though I had a supportive and wonderful partner I was a single parent, it was my only option, considering the circumstances. One being divorce and all that comes with it.
But, I wouldn’t change it. It was all necessary. Every experience was necessary for our growth and forming each of our individual characters.

Parenting has been a huge learning experience. So many obstacles that shaped the journey. However, we managed to get through it and yes there are some stories to be told from all perspectives. It is what it is and cannot be changed. Lots of learning. No regrets!

Empty Nest!

Our children learn to navigate life from what they learn from us, their parents.
None of my children are Rhodes Scholars. That was not their journey!
They all left home at around twenty years of age to experience the world. As a parent and mom, I am so proud of each of their individual journeys, thus far. Three very different, very individual journeys.

Yes, I have worried about them. Wondered what they would encounter along the way. Experienced some sleepless nights and shed some tears. However, they must experience life no matter what it throws their way. I have huge faith they will be guided to the best life for each one of them.

Supporting their choices and being there for the good and bad are my priorities as a mom. To the best of my ability at least.
I bought them into this world and I damn sure will be there to see them through it. Until my time is up!

Having done my best to give them the tools they need to navigate all the possible scenarios of life. I have every faith they will survive and thrive. They are all strong, courageous, goal-oriented, driven, very individual and gifted young women.

Educated by life experience. From my perspective the hardest, yet, most fulfilling educational experience because there are no textbooks for life experience. You must live it to learn. Unless, of course, you are lucky enough to learn from the life experience of another. That would be a win from my perspective. Yes!

Bringing me back to blogs. It is my belief blogs are becoming our textbooks for life experience. There are so many written and they are so varied and necessary. Thank goodness for blogs!

Hobbies and Stuff

These days home is where I feel happiest.
However, travel has become an important part of life.

My daughter resides in the US. She married an American lad and together they have made their home in Los Angeles. My life has been blessed with a beautiful little boy because of their union. I do my best to travel and visit once or twice a year. Hence, at this stage of life the importance of travel.
I have come to love visiting LA as it is very much like our location in Australia. Similar weather but opposite times of the year. Yass!

The journey is long and arduous, however, absolutely worth it!


The journey of life has presented many learning experiences for me and changed me immensely. A good thing of course!

Personally, I have studied many different forms of spirituality along the way.
Astrology, numerology, tarot, clairvoyance, crystal healing, meditation, mindfulness, and zodiacs. There are so many varied options of the human experience we can pair with spirituality to navigate life. All intriguing to study and learn.
Really, so much to gain by researching our uniqueness. Humans are complex beings and to research just how complex is truly inspiring. We have so many aspects of our existence. So many aspects that make us who we are. Awesome!

In Conclusion

Writing is a great communication tool we can all benefit from in some way.
Writing something worth reading, well that is a personal choice.
What is worth reading to one may not interest another and this is the perfect result of writing. Writing has resulted in all of the texts we have available to us to gain knowledge and change our lives. Thousands of wonderful experiences to enhance our lives. So lucky!

Justkezza may or may not be one of those wonderful learning tools for you. However, I sincerely invite you to have a read. Maybe, just maybe it’s a blog that will enhance your life in a small unexpected way.
That is the intent!

I invite you to take some time, take a chance, take a journey. My journey. And afford me the chance to enhance your life in a positive way.

About Kezza
About Kezza