Family experiences, perspectives and advice.

  • parenting tips

    Parenting and Motherhood

    When my youngest child was a few months old I decided to pursue a career as a counselor. I studied early in the mornings before the family arose. I completed the Diploma but that is as far as I went.Later…

  • Zodiac Signs

    Scorpio vs Taurus Compatibility Raising Girls

    My experience with raising girls has been interesting, emotional and a little exhausting. Scorpio vs Taurus. In our family dynamic, it is Scorpio mother vs Taurus daughter. That is one Scorpio mom up against three Taurus daughters. Our similarities are…

  • becoming a mom

    Parents vs Grandparent

    Two years ago our family was blessed with the arrival of an angel. A little boy was born and gifted to all of us. I only speak from my own perspective when I say, he is very special. My role…

  • mom to grandama

    Mother to Grandmother

    This morning I woke up. My first grandchild has entered the world. Overnight I had morphed from Mother to Grandmother, and it didn’t hurt a bit, haha… Sooo, I think to myself, do I take up knitting What to do…